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Empowered Joy LLC

Bringing Power & Passion to Life

Holistic Wellness Solutions for Everyone

Each day, we move through our individual dance with universal energy. There are days that feel like a beautiful, natural flow, while others make us wish for guidance with the next steps. Through the healing modalities of Reiki, DNA ThetaHealing®, and Aroma Freedom techniques, many people have experienced a shift in their ability to live more empowered lives.

If you are someone open to exploring what these types of energy healing can do for you, Empowered Joy, LLC is here to help you choreograph your dance. Browse the rest of our website for more information, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for inquiries.

Mission Statement

Empowered Joy is an experience, a way to live, and a state of being. As a business, it was born out of Sherry Coffman’s passion to help people free themselves from energy blocks and beliefs that no longer serve them so they can live transformed lives and bring balance, power, and passion to every aspect of their existence.

About Sherry

Sherry Coffman is a Reiki Master Teacher, a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner/teacher, and an Aroma Freedom practitioner/instructor. She is also a remote crystal viewing practitioner and a Young Living Essential Oils team leader. 

Her personal and professional mission is to work with others to raise their individual frequencies so that together, we can raise the frequency of the planet. She works in private sessions with clients, teaches certification classes, and designs unique workshops for this purpose.


  • Bachelor of Science – University of North Texas, 1977
  • Masters of Library Science – University of North Texas, 1995
  • Young Living Essential Oils Distributor
  • Usui Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher – Quantum Visions, 2012
  • Registered ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Teacher – Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, 2012
  • Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner/Instructor – Aroma Freedom International, 2017
  • Certified Crystal Viewing Practitioner – 7D Dimensional Training LLC, 2015
  • Certified Thinking Maps Instructor and Trainer – Thinking Maps, Inc., 2008
  • Licensed Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church, 2012
  • Landmark Education Graduate – Curriculum for Living (Seminar Series)
  • Landmark Coach – Self-Expression Leadership Program, 2012

A Message From Sherry

In my personal quest to live an evolved, healthy life, I have experienced many different healing modalities. After years of prompting and encouragement from other healers in my circle, I decided it was time to use what I have learned in service to others.

Having been a teacher since my early 20s, it was easy to make the transition to energy healing and teaching. I have years of experience serving as a teacher, mentor, coach, and healer.

As a lifelong learner, I work consistently at improving my skills and furthering my own understanding of the healing arts. I use my intuitive abilities to choose healing modalities for the good of my clients, and I am continually adding new certifications with which to serve them. If I can be of assistance to you on your journey, I am humbly honored.

Disclaimers and Disclosures

Please note that sessions with and suggestions from Empowered Joy, LLC are not intended to replace treatments prescribed by western medicine health practitioners and medical doctors. Sherry Coffman is not a licensed medical or naturopathic professional and does not diagnose nor treat conditions. She is trained and certified in multiple energy/spiritual healing techniques

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